Successful Graduates

Students who complete the Environmental Science collateral major are well-prepared for graduate work in the environmental sciences - including biology, chemistry, and environmental engineering programs. Recent graduates have investigated the fate of nitrate in freshwater systems, developed environmental policy for development of natural areas, and pursued law degrees. Students can also enter the job market directly with governmental agencies, consulting firms, or analytical laboratories.

  • Alex Michaud '09 graduated from Coe with majors in biology and environmental science. As a graduate student at Montana State University, Michaud conducted research in Antarctica as a member of the WISSARD (Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling) team. Click here to read Alex's blog, "Journey to Subglacial Antarctica." He was awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in Ecology and Environmental Sciences with a focus in Environmental Microbiology from Montana State University in 2016. Dr. Michaud has accepted a two-year post-doctoral appointment to continue his research studies at Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark. His post-doctoral research will focus on Arctic marine sediment microbiology and the coordination of an international research team and expedition to the Norwegian Arctic.
  • Dain Netland '01 left Coe and went to work with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in their Air Pollution division. He is currently an environmental engineer with the Cloro Valve Company
  • Elizabeth (Hendrix) Johnson '99 completed a joint program at Duke University, receiving both a law degree and a masters degree in environmental management. The Duke law program is consistently rated as one of the top in the country in environmental law. She is currently practicing in North Carolina.
  • Nicole Lamp '99 is finishing up her Ph.D. in the department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University. The title of her thesis is: Evaluation of GreatLake's environmental organizations and agencies: effectiveness in managing and protecting endangered coastal systems. She plans to join the US EPA staff after graduation.
  • Sarah Bray '98 went on to graduate study in botany at the University of Florida, where she received a prestigious National Science Foundation graduate fellowship as well as winning a University teaching award. She is currently an assistant professor of biology at Midland Lutheran College in Nebraska.
  • Tracy (Blickhan) Gartner '98 received a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, where she also received a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship. She is currently an assistant professor of biology and director of the environmental studies program at Carthage College in Wisconsin.
  • Jeff Myrom '98, after completing an honors thesis on Coe's recycling program, moved on to receive a masters degree in environmental policy from Michigan Technological University. He returned to Iowa to become Executive Officer of the Department of Natural Resources Energy & Waste Management Bureau, and is currently with Mid-American Energy as a senior environmental policy analyst.