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Prospective Students

What do English and Creative Writing majors do at Coe?

Majors in the English Department have a wide range of interests. There are English students in nearly every campus organization from the sororities and fraternities to Habitat for Humanity. They have been student senators and even student-body president. Often they are leaders in their chosen organizations. They also:

  • Complete minors or second majors in everything from Art or Business to Physics or Speech.
  • Work as student consultants in Coe's Writing Center.
  • Manage, edit, write for, produce one of the major student publications: the Cosmos newspaper, and the three literary magazines -- Colere, Coe Review, The Pearl.
  • Write, direct, and act in plays and other performances, such as Blindspot.
  • Write fiction and poetry for publication. Recently Coe students have been honored in the Nick Adams short story competition, sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest.
  • Perform with a musical ensemble, such as the Jazz Band or Women's Chorale.
  • Volunteer at homeless shelters or to mentor at-risk elementary students, and for many other service-learning projects as part of the Coe Plan.

What are the favorite practicum projects of English and Creative Writing majors?

Every Coe graduate completes a practicum, a special self-chosen program that combines academic work and practical experience. English and Creative Writing majors often:

  • Study abroad. Recently majors have studied in Wales, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Ireland, India, England, China, Australia, Africa and many other places.
  • Study off-campus. New York Term is a favorite with English and Creative Writing majors. Washington Term, the Chicago Arts Term, and the Newberry Library seminar in Chicago are other choices.
  • Complete an Internship. Our majors have completed on-campus internships in library work, public relations, publications, and other areas. Some recent off-campus internships have included working with publishers, broadcasters, public-relations firms, and other businesses. Another popular choice is student teaching.
  • Write a senior thesis. For their senior thesis projects, recent graduates have written about Herman Hesse, Utopias, historical fiction and fictional blogs. Creative writers have produced memoirs, novels, scripts, and collections of personal essays, poems, and stories.

Perhaps the most active student organization associated with the English Department is The Coe Review. Centered in a "practicum" course, Editing a Literary Magazine, the Coe Review staff learns all of the aspects of producing a literary magazine, from soliciting materials, through managing finances, to layout and printing. Students produce two volumes each year, a poetry issue and a fiction issue.”