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Student Opportunities

Publication Experience

Perhaps the most active student organization associated with the English Department is The Coe Review. The Coe Review staff, in conjunction with a partial-credit course Editing a Literary Magazine, learns all of the aspects of producing a literary magazine, from soliciting materials, through managing finances, to layout and printing. Students produce two volumes each year, a poetry issue and a fiction issue. The Coe Review is a national literary magazine receiving thousands of submissions annually and publishing writers from across the country.

Other Coe publications which English majors frequently work on and contribute to include:

  • The Cosmos - college newspaper
  • Colere - a literary magazine that focuses on intercultural experience
  • The Pearl - a literary magazine for nonfiction

Other Publication Opportunities

Some courses publish their work in print or on the Internet. One example is Fantasticoe, an Internet magazine of fantasy fiction produced in Introduction to Creative Writing.

Some of the best student course essays have been published:

Readings and Talks

The English Department hosts readings and research presentations by visiting writers and scholars. The Paul Engle Poetry Reading Series  brings a major, influential poet to campus each year. Recent English Department guests have included film director and screenwriter Paul Schrader, poets Bob Hicok, Major Jackson, James Tate, Evan Boland, Russian Poe scholar Alexandra Urakova.

Off-Campus Study

We strongly encourage our majors to consider the wide range of off-campus opportunities available to Coe students, from exchange programs at universities in many countries, to ACM programs that are led by American college professors, to Coe’s own New York Term,  Washington Term, and Asia Term. Among the most popular with English majors are the ACM London-Florence program, Asia Term, and New York Term. The New York Term internship has frequently led directly to post-graduate jobs in publishing, editing, public relations and related fields.