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English Major Course Requirements

All English majors fulfill the following requirements over the four years. Most requirements are not for a specific course but for a type or level of course. This allows maximum flexibility as each student, in regular consultation with an English faculty advisor, works out an appropriate sequence of courses.

  1. One course in world literature or literature focusing on race or gender; any of the following, most appropriately to be taken in the first year:
    Irish Literature
    Literary Studies in Gender
    Asian Literature
    Middle Eastern Literature
    African American Literature
    Russian Literature
  2. History of English Literature: a British literature survey course, prerequisite for Literary Analysis, to be taken in the first or second year; the prerequisite is any college-level literature course.
  3. Literary Analysis: a theory and methods class, preparing students for upper-level work, best taken in the second year; a prerequisite for seminars. The prerequisite is History of English Literature.
  4. Three upper-level English courses (courses numbered 335 or above), to be taken in the second, third, and fourth years. The prerequisite is any college-level literature course.
  5. Two additional English courses, one of which may be in creative writing; these can be taken at any point in the major.
  6. Two seminars, to be taken in the junior and senior years. Intensive work on a single author, period, or topic, culminating in a long paper that combines research with original critical analysis and incorporates secondary criticism. The prerequisite is Literary Analysis.