Successful Graduates

Coe teacher education graduates typically begin teaching the first semester following graduation. They can be found across the globe teaching a wide range of subjects to students of all ages.

Kayla Borseth

Kayla Borseth graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. A native of Oxford, Iowa, she is starting her career as a freshmen English teacher at Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

“When I walked into my first day of student teaching excited, prepared and confident, I knew I had Coe College to thank. Because the Teacher Education program at Coe encompasses the privilege of getting into the classroom nearly every semester through practicum, methods and observation opportunities, at the end of my career at Coe I felt more like a teacher than a student. With an understanding of my own strengths, research-based and field-tested instructional strategies, and excellent support and mentorship, I had a successful final semester and began job searching with high hopes. Not only did I find myself receiving an offer two months after graduation, but I signed on for my dream job.” –Kayla Borseth ’13

Jenna Brincks

Jenna Brincks graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in elementary education. She is a native of Postville, Iowa. Jenna started her career as a first-grade teacher for the Council Bluffs School District in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She is now living in Omaha, Neb.

“I am grateful for the experience I had while I was at Coe. It really has shown how beneficial everything has been while putting together my first classroom. Coe helped me gain the necessary skills to be successful and driven to do the best I can. Coe College has an impressive relationship with the Cedar Rapids community. This relationship was the foundation for my hands-on experiences in many classrooms and in the community. All of these experiences were necessary for being successful anywhere in life. Thank you Coe!” – Jenna Brincks ’13

Dennis Gilbertson

Dennis Gilbertson graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education. He also received endorsements in health and coaching. A native of Hayfield, Minn., he is starting his teaching career as an elementary physical education teacher in the Ottumwa Community School District in Ottumwa, Iowa. While at Coe, Dennis was a four-year letter winner on the track and field team.  He is also assisting the track and field programs for Ottumwa High School.

“One thing I will never forget about the faculty and staff at Coe is the passion they bring to class every day. They made me look forward to life as a full-time teacher, through real world-examples and advice, and they were always available. As I prepared for my first day of school, I talked to numerous professors and colleagues who helped me become the teacher I am today. I could always look to them for advice and support as I started my new journey. Through their encouragement, various resources and teaching methods, I felt extremely prepared my first year in the classroom. During my first-year teacher orientation, a colleague asked where I attended college. When I replied Coe, she told me I would be fine due to my institution’s excellent teaching program. As I prepare for my classes each day, I am so thankful for the care and consideration of my professors and colleagues at Coe for helping shape me into the teacher I am today.”—Dennis Gilbertson ’13

J.D. Hunter

J.D. Hunter graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in history and minoring in secondary education. Shortly after graduation, J.D. received a teaching position at Southview Middle School in the Ankeny Community School District and moved to the Des Moines area. At Southview, J.D. is teaching 8th grade global studies as well as coaching various athletics, including baseball. In his classroom, J.D. is responsible for reaching a wide range of diverse learners through the process of differentiation while also using the positive behavioral intervention and supports (PBIS) system to create a positive learning environment for all his students. J.D. implements standards-based grading in his classes and relies on formative assessment to ensure his students are mastering skills before administering further content.

"From 'dog-piling' at Veterans Memorial Stadium with the baseball team to experiencing excellent growth and success in the classroom, my Coe experience was a special one. I was able to develop lifetime personal connections with my fellow classmates, coaches and professors that greatly influenced my academic success and molded me into the person that I am today. Coe's small college atmosphere paired with its liberal arts philosophy has tremendously aided me in developing positive connections with each and every one of my students and has granted me the skills to successfully collaborate with my fellow colleagues. Along with giving me unforgettable memories and professional skills, Coe taught me the value of hard work and gave me the motivation to be the absolute best in my career field while continuing to grow academically as well as professionally throughout my life." - J.D. Hunter '13

DeAnna Marguglio

DeAnna Marguglio graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in chemistry, and received a certification in Secondary Education. DeAnna is currently employed by the Substitute Employment Management System and is teaching an array of classes in Cedar Rapids as a substitute teacher. In the summer of 2014, DeAnna taught a chemistry course for Grant Wood AEA's College for Kids, a summer program hosted by Coe College offering advanced level academic and fine arts courses for talented and gifted students who have completed 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Beginning in the fall of 2014, DeAnna will be attending Iowa State University to pursue a master's degree in student affairs of higher education.

"I have learned from Coe that 'nothing is, everything is becoming,' Heraclitus. During my four years at Coe I found myself studying abroad, competing as an athlete and making lifelong friendships, all while pursuing a chemistry degree. My thirst for learning has been fueled by my professors who have supported and cared for me. I've also been challenged by my college professors and experiences to further my education and consider multiple perspectives, which I believe is what we lack most in the world today. If we stop learning and feign ignorance we stay stagnate, never changing and never improving. Coe has taught me and my fellow graduates the importance of becoming a lifelong learner, and I believe with our optimism we will be able to positively impact this ever-changing world." - DeAnna Marguglio '13

Emily Stamp

Emily Stamp graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education. She also received endorsements in language arts and reading. Emily also was a member of the Kohawk volleyball team. A native of Mount Vernon, Iowa, Emily returned to her hometown where she currently teaches fourth grade at Washington Elementary School. Emily also coaches eighth-grade volleyball and girls track at Mount Vernon Middle School.

"Coe College had everything I was looking for - small class sizes, a tight-knit community, tons of school pride, and professors who challenged you every day in the classroom. As an education major, I was granted numerous opportunities to get into classrooms in the Cedar Rapids area. This hands-on experience made me confident in my teaching abilities when I entered the 'real world.' The people are my favorite part of Coe College. It is impossible to walk across campus and not meet a smiling face. Coe was a wonderful place to spend my college years and I am grateful for all that I learned while there." - Emily Stamp '13

Charlie Goetzinger

Charlie Goetzinger graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics. He also received endorsements in mathematics and physical science. A native of Dubuque, Iowa, he is starting his career as a science teacher for Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids. He also coaches varsity football and is an assistant softball coach at the high school.

"Imagine having a teaching position secured before graduation…that's what Coe's Teacher Education Program did for me. What makes the education program at Coe so great is the people that you get to work with. Whether it’s the time in class spent working with other students, the relationships you build with the professors, or the experience and knowledge you get from your supervisor, all contribute to the ability to be successful in your teaching career. The people that Coe surrounds you with are people who truly care about you as an individual and not just another number in their program. In my case, they showed a sincere interest in my life inside and outside of the classroom, regularly asking about my physics and math courses, football, workouts, or just life in general." - Charlie Goetzinger '11

Emily Graves

Emily Graves graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in elementary education and psychology. A native of Elizabeth, Ill., she is starting her career as a Kindergarten teacher for the Pleasant Valley School District in Bettendorf, Iowa.

"During my time at Coe, I was able to get involved in different organizations on campus that provided me with leadership opportunities, communication skills and experience related to my majors.  The education program at Coe gave me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the classroom setting and work with students of different age groups." - Emily Graves ’11

Devvin Rolston

Devvin Rolston graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education. In addition, she earned a minor in art with an endorsement in reading. A native of Clinton, Iowa, she is starting her career as a K-6 art teacher at Edward White Elementary School in Clinton. She also coaches girls basketball at North Scott High School.

"My time at Coe is something I wish I could experience all over again. I created many relationships with friends, professors and coaches that I am sure will last a lifetime. The education program at Coe thoroughly prepared me to take on the job application and interview processes, helped me to gain experience and knowledge in the classroom, and inspired me to become a great teacher." - Devvin Rolston '11

Keri Schaefer

Keri Schaefer graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education. She earned endorsements in reading, physical education and coaching. While at Coe, she was a four-year varsity letter winner for cross country and was the team captain for two years. She was a part of the Coe Student Education Association (CSEA), and did work-study at Polk Elementary School. A native of Cedar Rapids, she is starting her career as a third grade teacher for the Linn-Mar Community School District at Bowman Woods Elementary in Cedar Rapids.

"A college with a lower student to professor ratio led me to investigate Coe College. Finding a beautiful campus close to my home was an extra bonus when I decided to visit Coe. In that meeting, I found Coe's education faculty to be most professional, helpful and willing to help me with my dream of becoming an educator. Coe’s education program introduced me to many experiences in and out of the Cedar Rapids area. These experiences helped me to grow personally as well as preparing me for becoming a professional educator. The Coe experience was second to none. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of the Coe family.” - Keri Schaefer '11

Chelsee Shortt

Chelsee Shortt is a 2011 graduate with a degree in physical education.  A native of West Branch, Iowa, Chelsee teaches middle school and high school physical education and health in the Mount Vernon Community School District at Mount Vernon, Iowa.

"Coe College has provided me with everything I need to lead a successful path in my profession.  The methods courses and preparation for teaching allowed me to be confident in my abilities and talents.  The Coe Education Department puts a lot of emphasis on self reflection.  This encourages me to always strive to be better, to notice my flaws, and grow each and every lesson.  When it came to job hunting, the faculty support was tremendous!  I thank God every day that I choose Coe over a large school because the faculty truly care about me and my future." - Chelsee Shortt ’11

Pat Wallace

Pat Wallace graduated in 2011 with majors in history and secondary education.  He earned endorsements in world history, American history, American government, psychology and athletic coaching. Pat is from Ballwin, Missouri, and serves as a seventh grade world history teacher at Parkway South Middle School.  He also played four years of varsity football at Coe and was involved in the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

"Coe and Coe's Teacher Education Program provide you with all the opportunities you need to be successful and grow as a future teacher. The staff is the most helpful group of teachers I have ever encountered, and they provide support above and beyond their call of duty. Coe has helped me reach all of my goals and aspirations and taught me so much in just four quick years. Going to Coe is an experience I will never forget as it shaped me professionally and personally and gave me the skills to be successful anywhere." - Pat Wallace ’11

Kim Hoff

Kimberlynn Hoff graduated in 2010 with majors in art and education. After completing her four years at Coe, she continued her education in Tanzania where she taught for Moshi International School. She is currently living in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where she is a middle school and high school art teacher for the Cedar Valley Catholic Schools and Columbus High School.

"Coe has prepared me and has shaped me into the person I am today. While at Coe, I formed the love of traveling experiencing the Field Station, Bahamas, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, and east Africa. I also formed many friendships within my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, and was immersed within my subjects of art and education." - Kimberlynn Hoff ’10

Megan Olson

Megan Olson graduated in 2009 and is currently teaching 8th grade mathematics at Prairie Point Middle School in the College Community School District.

Tom Bredfield

Tom Bredfield graduated in 2009 and is currently teaching second grade at Horace Mann Elementary School in Iowa City, Iowa.

"When I think about my experience in the Coe College Teacher Education Program, I focus on the connection Coe College has established with the Cedar Rapids community. By the time I began student teaching in my senior year, I had spent hundreds of hours in different schools, worked collaboratively with teachers, taught whole-group lessons, and conducted small group activities. To put it simply, Coe's Teacher Education Department emphasizes learning through first-hand experience. It is difficult to think of an alternative method of instruction that would have provided as many opportunities and rich learning experiences as I had completing Coe's program."

Megan Jack graduated in 2009, majoring in secondary education and history, and obtained endorsements in psychology and political science.  Currently, Megan is teaching social studies at West Delaware High School in Manchester, Iowa.  In the future, Megan plans to attend graduate school to study educational leadership.

“My liberal arts education from Coe has been invaluable in my postgraduate endeavors. The small, personalized atmosphere allowed me the opportunity to work with outstanding professors one-on-one, as well as the flexibility to mold my major to best suit my career aspirations. The Coe College environment is one that encourages success, and I feel very fortunate to have been part of it.” – Megan Jack ’09

Brian Brungard

Brian Brungard graduated in 2008 and recently began his second year of teaching third grade at Dunkerton Community School. He also coaches Varsity Baseball and serves as Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach for the high school.

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson graduated in 2007 and is currently in his third year as the vocal music teacher in Atlantic, Iowa at Atlantic High School. His duties include teaching three choral ensembles comprised of Chamber Chorale, Concert Choir and Trojan Singers and three show choirs including Ambassadors, Sensations and Fresh Look. They are broken up into varsity, women and freshmen choruses. He also began a chamber choir comprised of students grades 9-12 focusing on the highest level of difficulty in literature and are a touring group. In addition, he works with students in an extracurricular fashion through preparations for All-State and Opus auditions, spring musical, solo/ensemble contest and State Show Choir and Large Group Contest. He has also been event manager for state-sponsored activities such as All-State auditions, State Show Choir and Large Group Contest. His summer activities have included private voice instruction for area Atlantic students and traveling with Iowa Ambassadors of Music and Celebration Iowa Singers and Jazz Band as a choral advisor.

Chad Zrudsky

Chad Zrudsky graduated in 2001 and is currently is head of the science department at Marion High School, and teaches chemistry and physics. In addition to his teaching assignment he is the sponsor for student government, runs a speed and agility program for all MHS students, and is the head boys track and field coach. Also, Chad and two other science teachers have begun some student-led science research before and after school.