Successful Graduates

Samantha Patterson

Samantha Patterson graduated in 2015 with majors in public accounting and business administration, with a minor in Asian studies. Originally from Rogers, Minnesota, Samantha works for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as a Financial Institution Specialist (FIS) in Lexington, Kentucky. She anticipates earning her certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the summer of 2016.

"The education I received at Coe gave my dream a name, and the professors and opportunities provided the resources to pursue that path. It is the continuous encouragement of the Coe family that taught me to never settle for less than your passion." - Samantha Patterson '15

Kyle Boardman

Kyle Boardman graduated in 2014 with majors in public accounting and business administration. A native of Dubuque, Iowa, he is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at Honkamp Krueger in Cedar Rapids and resides in North Liberty.

"The Coe experience put me in a great position to have immediate success after graduation. Coe has so many different connections to local, national and even international companies located in the Cedar Rapids area that it really gives students great opportunities to get real world experience. I was able to get an internship with the company that I work for now while at Coe and I credit Coe's brand in the area as one of the main reasons that I got the position. Employers know that Coe students are challenged daily in the classroom and will be ready to face anything that comes at them in the work world." - Kyle Boardman '14

Bibek Adhikari

Bibek Adhikari graduated in 2012 with majors in economics and mathematics. In 2016, he earned a Ph.D. in economics from Tulane University, where he specialized in taxation. Bibek serves as an economics professor at Illinois State University in Normal, where he teaches public economics and introductory economics courses.

"Coe's well-rounded education, particularly economics and mathematics courses and the Spellman research program, which helped me hone skills such as critical and analytical thinking, and presenting ideas through compelling writing and speech, have proven immensely helpful in my graduate studies." - Bibek Adhikari '12

Scott DeAngelis

Scott DeAngelis graduated in 2012 with a double major in economics and business administration, and a minor in mathematics. A native of Clinton, Iowa, he is currently pursuing a joint degree in law (J.D.) and economics (Ph.D) at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

"My experience at Coe, without question, has prepared me for success in my graduate studies and beyond. The positive environment and quality of instruction created an educational environment for me that promoted academic growth. The personal attention and support by the accomplished faculty challenged me, while helping guide me to pursue my interests. The opportunity to partake in a meaningful internship and participate in the Spellman Research Program provided invaluable experiences for which I am grateful today." - Scott DeAngelis '12


Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson graduated in 2011 with majors in business administration and psychology. She earned her master's degree in organizational psychology from the University of Manchester in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 2013.

"Attending a small liberal arts college was a wonderful experience. The variety of organizations to be involved in allowed me to grow as a leader and meet interesting people. The small classes allowed me to really get to know my peers and professors, knowing they will always be there to support me or grab a coffee at Brewed Awakenings for a chat. The May Term opportunities helped me to realize my passion for traveling. Coe has given me the confidence, communication and time management skills, and enthusiasm to be a successful graduate student in England and future successful employee." - Katie Nelson '11

Fred Rose

Fred Rose graduated in 2011, majoring in business administration. He works in sales and marketing for BetterDebt, a new company offering online education, tools and solutions focused around the value of debt in an individual's financial plan. Fred is formerly a Financial Advisor with the Anderson Group at Morgan Stanley. At Morgan Stanley, Fred had the responsibility of building out the company's national team of new advisors in selected markets throughout the United States. In addition, Fred is actively involved in the community, currently serving on the Board of Directors for Orchestra Iowa and Board of Trustees for the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

"I've been very fortunate early in my career to have the opportunity to both observe and work with some of the top talent in my industry. I have consistently found that these individuals have three common characteristics: drive, excellent problem-solving skills and superior communication abilities. Every day I work to develop and perfect these skills to hopefully follow in their footsteps. Fortunately, I can't think of a better foundation that was laid for me than what Coe taught me. What separates Coe from the rest, in my opinion, is not just what is learned in the classroom. It's the overall experiences that you have throughout your time there, whether in the classroom, on the court/field, or just being with the great friends you make in your time. These different experiences, challenges and opportunities are what have developed the skills I have taken with me into the workforce today. For that, I am forever indebted to Coe and it has easily had the greatest positive impact on me of any institution in my life." - Fred Rose '11

Angela Pederson

Angela Pederson graduated in 2010, double majoring in business administration and public relations. Upon graduation, Angela joined Noel-Levitz, a higher education consulting firm in Coralville, Iowa, where she currently works as Campus Relations Manager for the Direct Sales Team. In this position, her primary responsibilities involve writing and managing sales proposals and responses to requests for proposals (RFPs) for potential college and university partners throughout the U.S. and Canada.

"Coe embodies and embraces the values of a liberal arts curriculum, transcending departmental boundaries that are often present at larger institutions. The liberal arts at Coe enabled me to complete courses in various disciplines from physics and economics to art and philosophy. Writing across multiple departments pushed me out of my comfort zone as a writer and encouraged a broader range of thinking and ideas to incorporate into my writing. As my career has continued in higher education, the connections I established while at Coe have become invaluable and true assets. The 'Coe Bubble' and the influence of faculty, staff and alumni certainly isn't limited to Cedar Rapids and Eastern Iowa. I have been amazed at the number of nationwide clients who are aware of Coe's reputation and strong liberal arts curriculum." - Angela Pederson '10

Kali Rietcheck

Kali Rietcheck graduated in 2010, double majoring in business administration and public relations. She then earned a master's degree in advertising from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012. Kali currently serves as a Junior Art Director at a small boutique advertising agency in New York City. She works in the creative department where she generates ideas for ads and develops and guides their design. Kali works across all mediums: print, digital, TV and mobile. Her job requires a high proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite programs like Photoshop and Illustrator along with an understanding of consumer behavior and pop culture.

"Everyone knows college is about getting an education and making best friends you will have forever. More importantly though, it's about learning how to step out into the world and make your own path. At Coe, I found the tools to do exactly that. The liberal arts nature of Coe allowed me to take many classes outside of my degree program simply because I found them interesting. Little did I know these additional interests would become cornerstones of my career. During my four years at Coe, I was also able to study abroad three separate times. Studying abroad is widely encouraged at Coe and the international experiences of its students helps create a richness and diversity at the college that is hard to beat. These experiences were far and beyond some of the most educational, as well as some of my most treasured memories." - Kali Rietcheck '10

Nicole Thiher

Nicole Thiher graduated in 2010, double majoring in Economics and Business Administration, with a minor in Mathematics. She earned her Master's degree in International Public Affairs with a focus on Economic Development from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2012. During the summer of 2011, Nicki was in India assisting in a study on oil security strategies for India and China funded by the Observer Research Foundation. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics at Coe.

“Through several research opportunities, internships and leadership positions in several campus organizations, Coe enabled me to learn and grow both in the classroom and through hands on experiences. Coe prepared me well to continue my studies in graduate school and continues to help open doors to new opportunities for me.” - Nicole Thiher '10

Holly Corkery

Holly (Grieder) Corkery graduated in 2009, double majoring in history and economics. She went on to study law at the University of Iowa and graduated in 2012. She has practiced at Lynch Dallas, P.C. in Cedar Rapids since 2012, where she maintains a general litigation practice.

“The faculty at Coe are really exceptional. Not only are they experts in their fields, but they truly care about Coe students and take the time to get to know them. My professors wanted to see me grow and succeed both professionally and personally. Specific to my legal career, the Economics Department provided me with challenges that strengthened my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Those skills were essential to my success in law school and I continue to utilize them each day. Coe is a special place and I am always proud to call myself a Coe graduate." - Holly (Grieder) Corkery '09

Zach Huitink

Zach Huitink graduated magna cum laude with a double major in business administration and economics in 2009, receiving the Harley W. Howell prize in business and economics and an award for an outstanding senior thesis. Upon graduation, he worked as a financial analyst at GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation. In 2012 he earned his master's degree in public policy at the University of Kentucky's Martin School, where he also worked as a research assistant. After graduating from the Martin School, Zach earned a full tuition scholarship to attend Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, where he is currently working on a Ph.D. in the Public Administration and International Affairs (PAIA) Department. His research is at the intersection of business, economics, and national security policy, and is supported by Syracuse University's Campbell Public Affairs Institute and the IBM Center for the Business of Government. His current projects deal with defense acquisition and the roles of government and industry in safeguarding critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

“Coe impacted me tremendously. Through the Business and Economics Department, I was able to complement my coursework with summer research, participation in a student-run investment fund, an internship at the Chicago Board of Trade, and complete my thesis. I am grateful for these and many other positive experiences I had as a student.”- Zach Huitink, ’09

Jenny McArdle

Jenny McArdle graduated in 2008 with an interdisciplinary major in global development, and with a minor in economics. Following graduation, Jenny earned her master's degree in international development with an emphasis in gender studies and sport-for-development from Ohio University in 2010. Jenny has spent the last several months living in South Korea as a community development volunteer, serving underprivileged children and youth, foreign migrant workers, foreign immigrant women, multicultural families and people experiencing homelessness.

"Coe was the perfect place for me to explore my interests and values as a young adult. The diverse range of opportunities that Coe offers, from internships to study abroad programs, to extracurricular activities and academic potentialities, allowed me to gain the confidence, experience, and intellectual discipline to transition into my next pursuits." - Jenny McArdle, ’08

Erica (Langland) Nosbisch

Erica (Langland) Nosbisch graduated in 2007 with majors in business administration and public relations and a minor in speech communication. She is originally from Waukon, Iowa, and now lives in Anamosa, Iowa.  After graduating from Coe, she began work as grain merchandiser for ADM in Decatur, Ill.  In June of 2009, she began working for J.M. Swank (a division of ConAgra Foods) as a procurement specialist in North Liberty, Iowa. She is currently pursuing her MBA from the University of Iowa.

“Coe College gives you so many opportunities to discover who you are as an individual.  The liberal arts education exposes you to several different areas and broadens your horizon.  The small campus also allows you to be involved in many activities - from athletics to student senate to music -  which allows you to get a diversified and incredible college experience.” – Erica (Langland) Nosbisch ’07

Ashley Hubler

Ashley Hubler graduated in 2006, triple majoring in business administration, public relations and writing. Currently, Ashley serves as Manager, Strategic Communications and Proposals at MainStream LLC, a global management consulting firm, where she manages a diverse set of responsibilities that span across MainStream's public and private sector business units and encompass several major organizational functions including marketing and communications, project support, proposal coordination and industrial security program management. She is also pursuing her executive MBA in The Henry B. Tippie College of Management at the University of Iowa, with an expected graduation date of May 2014.

"Coe College was a wonderful place to encounter a diverse set of experiences that few colleges could match. I thrived in Coe's culture of independence and self-accountability. During my four years at Coe College, I experienced significant growth personally and my studies provided me with a solid foundation in the technical components of accounting, business law, communications, corporate ethics, economics and marketing. As a result, I was well prepared to begin my career and exercise the practical application of these tools in the workplace. The learning and growth that I experienced during my time at Coe have proven to be invaluable professional assets in solving unique and complex business challenges, as well as in community-oriented and personal endeavors." - Ashley Hubler '06

Bob Meisterling

Bob Meisterling graduated in 2005 with majors in economics and business administration. He is from Cedar Rapids and is currently taking classes in the University of Iowa MBA program. Bob works at GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation in the treasury department. His group manages all the company’s cash, access/manage facilities in securitization markets, and ultimately issues bonds to institutional investors.

“I feel very confident that my time at Coe gave me a competitive advantage in the workplace. The culture and tone the faculty set creates an environment of critical thinking and teamwork which is essential in a workplace setting.” - Bob Meisterling ’05

Keri Jacobs

Keri Jacobs is an assistant professor and cooperatives extension economist in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University and holds the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Economics Professorship. Keri received a bachelor's degree in economics and business administration from Coe College in 1996 and her Ph.D. in economics in 2010 from North Carolina State University. She joined the department at Iowa State in 2010 and since August 2012, has held a teaching, research and extension position related to cooperatives. Keri teaches an undergraduate course that focuses on the economics of cooperatives and introduces students to how cooperatives differ from other business organizations in governance, finance and ownership. Keri's research efforts are in the areas of farm level production decisions, conservation and land use policies, and financial and equity conditions of agricultural cooperatives. In her extension role, Keri provides training and education to cooperative boards and management, and develops content based on her research. Keri was raised on a family farm in Scotch Grove, Iowa, and attended Monticello Community Schools. She currently lives in Ames, Iowa.

"To say that Coe College is a major reason for where I am today is an understatement. It is probably THE reason. Coe is obviously a great school where students have access to incredible resources. The difference, though, is the interaction with faculty. My two most influential professors at Coe - Mickey and "Doc" (Spellman) - encouraged me to look beyond the undergraduate program and beyond simply finding a job; they helped me understand how my background and education could together make me a unique fit for jobs in academia. Mickey listened to my "pie in the sky ideas" (as I remember them) about research topics and helped me figure out how to actually operationalize those ideas. There's an art to that, and Mickey is a master. And Doc…I remember Doc telling me that there weren't many women with both an agricultural upbringing and an interest in economics, so I should consider a graduate program in ag econ. I had no idea what that really meant at the time, but he did; he saw it well before I could. The Coe advantage: the ability of mentors to see the bigger picture that I could not yet and then take the time to highlight it a piece at a time. It made all the difference." - Keri Jacobs '96

Tricia Johnson

Tricia Johnson graduated from Coe College in 1993 with a bachelor of arts in economics and business administration. Tricia earned a master's degree in hospital and health administration from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in economics from Arizona State University. Originally from Story City, Iowa, Tricia is currently associate professor and associate chair of education and research in the Department of Health Systems Management, a top-ranked graduate program in healthcare management, at Rush University in Chicago. Additionally, she is executive director of Building Healthy Urban Communities, a five-year, $5 million partnership of Rush University Medical Center, Medical Home Network and Malcolm X College to improve health, education and employment outcomes in medically underserved communities in the south and west sides of Chicago. She was a 2009 Fulbright Scholar in Austria, where she worked with faculty in the Institute for Social Policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

"My undergraduate experience at Coe College, and specifically working with Bill Spellman and Mickey Wu, set the course for who I am today. Both Spellman and Wu always put the students first - it never crossed my mind that they might have other responsibilities outside of the students! Having one-on-one mentoring from the faculty members who have a vested interest in the students is what makes Coe and its Economics Department special. It is an amazing gift that I think about often - more than 20 years after graduation - and hope to give my own students every year." - Tricia Johnson '93