Academic Support for Students

Academic Support for StudentsAcademic support in accounting, business, and economics is readily available for Coe students throughout their college careers, including help with class assignments, answers to questions outside of class, advice in registering for courses, and recommendations for career and graduate school plans.

  • Faculty – As a result of an open-door philosophy embraced by Department faculty, students can access faculty throughout the day. It is not unusual, for example, to see students in faculty offices outside of scheduled office hours discussing course-related questions or seeking advice about graduate schools. All students majoring in the Department can choose to have a faculty advisor in accounting, business, or economics.
  • Student-run Help Sessions – Each year, Department faculty select several junior- and senior-level majors to hold weekly help sessions for introductory courses in the Department. The sessions are open to all enrolled students, whether they are having difficulties or not. Students attending the sessions can ask questions about course lectures, get assistance with homework assignments, and ask for advice on studying for upcoming quizzes and exams.
  • One-on-one Tutoring – With help from Coe’s Academic Achievement Program, any student can request a student tutor for any class in the Department. Tutors are recommended by Department faculty, and students and tutors work independently to structure help sessions that are convenient for the student.
  • Career Planning – Members of Coe’s Center for Creativity and Careers are available to counsel students on internship and career searches and to give advice on resumes and cover letters. The Center for Creativity and Careers also regularly offers small group workshops on topics such as interviewing, networking, and business etiquette. Department faculty often use business contacts to help secure interview opportunities for students, and faculty also support students by providing professional advice, serving as references for job interviews, and writing letters of recommendations for graduate programs and post-college experiences such as Fulbright fellowships, Peace Corps positions, Rhodes scholarships, and Teach for America placements.