Student Opportunities

Off-Campus Opportunities

Off-campus programs at Coe are an integral part of the science curriculum. The Coe biology department regularly offers month-long May Term courses such as marine biology, taught in Jamaica, and zoology, taught on campus.

You can also spend a term on one of the exciting off-campus programs offered through Coe, including:

  • The Wilderness Field Station in the Boundary Waters area of Northern Minnesota
  • Tropical Field Research in Costa Rica or ecological studies in Tanzania
  • The Oak Ridge Science term (at the National Laboratory in Tennessee)
  • Coe's exceptional health and science internship program offers students a chance to spend May Term exploring career options in medicine, laboratory science or related fields
  • Special opportunities for either full term or summer are available locally through the Linn County Conservation, Iowa Nature Conservancy, Cargill, Silliker Laboratories, Indian Creek Nature Center, and St. Luke's Hospital
  • Compete nationally for NIH, HHMI and NSF research fellowships at universities and research institutions
  • Washington Term or the New York Term (explore public health or public policy issues)