Graduate Testimonials

Tyler Weeda

Tyler Weeda originally came to Coe to wrestle, but ended up falling in love with the athletic training profession. The Belle Plaine, Iowa, native graduated from Coe in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree, double majoring in athletic training and physical education.  He now holds a graduate assistantship in athletic training for the wrestling team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, while also earning his master’s degree in administration.

“The Coe Athletic Training Program is comprised of an exceptional staff who will work with you while adequately preparing you for your future endeavors.” – Tyler Weeda ’11

Danny Kalkhoff

Danny Kalkhoff graduated in May 2010 with a major in athletic training. He is originally from Newton, Iowa and is currently living in Denton, Texas where he is attending graduate school to earn an M.S. in kinesiology at the University of North Texas. In addition, Danny serves as the graduate assistant athletic trainer for the university’s football program.

"Coe's program taught me to be independent and think on my feet, which serves me well in a profession that confronts me with ever-changing circumstances." - Danny Kalkhoff ’10

Kelcie McKain

Kelcie McKain graduated in 2010 with a major in athletic training.  Originally from Indianola, Iowa, Kelcie currently lives in Iowa City and is pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Iowa.  Kelcie is currently serving as the class of 2012 vice president and is an active member of the Student Physical Therapy Organization at Iowa.

"My education at Coe not only prepared me for the Board of Certification Examination, but also set me apart from others when applying to competitive graduate programs.  The personal and professional relationships that I developed with my advisor and the clinical instructors were instrumental in pursuing my graduate program and future career.  The professors, students and staff at Coe taught me a lot about myself and will make me a better clinician in the future." – Kelcie McKain ’10

Suzi Guider

Suzi Guider graduated in 2009 with a major in athletic training. She is originally from Van Horne, Iowa, and is currently living in Cedar Rapids.  She works for Mercy Medical Center as a Certified Athletic Trainer.  Suzi provides athletic training services to Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School and is school’s the only athletic trainer. She has to deal with multiple sports during each season, which is a challenging, yet a rewarding position.

“Coe gave me the hands on experience in a variety of athletic settings to challenge my skills and knowledge to prepare me for a future in athletic training.  I appreciate all of the support and experienced knowledge that I received from all of the ATCs that I worked with while at Coe College.” – Suzi Guider ’09

Tod Walker

Tod Walker graduated from Coe with a Bachelor of Arts degree in athletic training in 2005. Originally from Jefferson, Iowa, he lives in Cedar Rapids.  He attended graduate school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Neb. and graduated with a master's degree in physician assistant studies in 2007. Walker practices family medicine at Mercy Care Mount Vernon in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and has been at this position since his graduation from PA school.

“Through my years at Coe College, I was able to develop skills and knowledge that made me successful in a demanding graduate school program like physician assistant studies. Coe's demanding curriculum with supportive faculty facilitates the development of students into immediately effective employees in a wide variety of areas or graduate school attendees. The athletic training education program in combination with additional biology, chemistry and physics courses certainly did this for me in PA school. I also had the opportunity to work as an intern with the Indianapolis Colts athletic training staff. This is just another example of Coe giving any prospective student an opportunity that you aren't going to get at other schools that is beyond the many on-campus activities and opportunities. This variety of experiences I had at Coe allowed me to excel in graduate school and ultimately become a successful physician assistant and professional.” - Tod Walker ’05

Justin Stanek

Justin Stanek graduated in 2004 with a major in athletic training. He completed his master’s degree in athletic training in 2006 from Illinois State University and completed his doctorate in education in 2010 in curriculum and instruction. He currently serves as the clinical coordinator of the athletic training education program at Illinois State University and lives in Normal, Ill.

“One of the many strengths of the Coe experience is the hands-on learning you receive with the low student-to-professor ratio. Many recent grads aren't confident in their clinical application of skills and Coe does a great job of allowing students the opportunity to  progress in their patient interaction and clinical decision making, setting up them up to be successful as entry-level professionals.” - Justin Stanek ’04

Mitch Bockenstedt, ATC (2006)
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
University of Minnesota

"The curriculum is thorough and organized so that way students can better understand everything and pull it all together. I believe the clinical experiences are the strongest aspect of the program because the clinical instructors will allow you to perform on-field injury evaluations as well as develop rehabilitation programs which helps reinforce what is learned in the classroom."

Tod Walker, ATC (2005)
Physician Assistant
Mercy Care Family Practice

"I will say that the athletic training program at Coe prepared me to be successful as an athletic training intern in the NFL. Throughout my NFL internship I also noticed I had more hands-on experience regarding injury assessment, treatment, and rehab protocols than students from other colleges and universities."

Brad Yotty, ATC, CSCS (2005)
Doctoral Student in Physical Therapy
St. Ambrose University

"I believe that the number one thing that the athletic training education program at Coe offers over other programs is the clinical experience you receive throughout the entire program. At some of the larger institutions you might not have the opportunity to work with a team until your junior or senior year, whereas at Coe you work with teams throughout the entire program."

"The staff also made it a very positive experience for me. Every member of the staff is very approachable and looked to help students succeed in any way they could. And not just the athletic training staff. All of the staff at the college are very easily approached and look to help students in any way they can."

Nicole Anderson, ATC (2004)
M.A. - University of South Carolina
Medical Sales Representative, Smith Nephew Endoscopy

"My experience as an athletic training student offered me a lot more hands on experience with different sports and athletes throughout my entire education. Now that I'm at a large university AT program I notice these students don't receive near as much hands on experience with the athletes as I did as a student at Coe."

"Being an athletic training student at Coe made me realize what a great profession athletic training really is! I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming an athletic trainer because of the experiences you get throughout your entire education."

Joshua M. Price, ATC (2004)
Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractor, Chiropractic Memphis

"For being a small college, I think students get a high-class education that they'll actually find useful and when they finish Coe's athletic training program they'll have skills to market and they'll definitely have a direction."

"I think the faculty were one of the biggest factors in deciding on athletic training at Coe since they interact so closely with the students everyday. It is a time consuming job, but they manage to create a friendly educational learning environment."

"My education in athletic training has already made its way into my chiropractic career. I've started involving a lot of the therapy that I learned at Coe to help patients. That is something that many chiropractors are missing or do not receive enough exposure to. I think it has made me look at the "big picture" and not be so focused on just chiropractics."

Mike Brahn, ATC (2003)
Athletic Trainer/Coach/Teacher
Nashua-Plainfield High School

"From the variety of athletic programs and coaches I worked with, to the classroom environment, the Athletic Training Education Program at Coe College was a very positive experience for me. The close interaction I experienced working with the Certified Athletic Trainers as well as my fellow students has formed relationships I will carry with me throughout my life."

Shelly Lyons, ATC (2003)
Certified Athletic Trainer
Rock Valley Physical Therapy

"When looking for a college I found Coe's sound academics and size to be huge selling points. Now after graduating from Coe I can honestly say that both were important to the knowledge I gained through the AT program. The small class sizes allowed me to be the primary AT student for a couple of sports. It's the hands on experience that Coe's AT program offers that makes graduates prepared for working as an ATC."

Mary Barnes, MS, ATC (2001)
M.A. - Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Clinical Coordinator

"For someone who loved sports, science, and wanted a career in a health related field, Athletic Training made perfect sense. What may have been a further stretch would be coming all the way from a small town in the mountains of Colorado to Cedar Rapids, IA. Leaving my friends and family to attend Coe College to attain a degree that would allow me to live out my dream to be an athletic trainer was the best move I could have made!"

"At Coe, I feel that I was fully prepared not only for the diversities of life, but also for a career in athletic training. Because of the small school atmosphere, athletic training students are not only prepared with knowledge the classroom has to offer but also the opportunity to have immediate and endless hands-on opportunities is priceless."

Melanie Hof, MS, ATC (2001)
Athletic Trainer
St. Louis University

"Coe's athletic training program prepared me very well for a career in athletic training. I got the personal attention I needed, but also was given autonomy to make important decisions. I worked closely with athletes and coaches, but knew if I needed assistance the athletic training staff was there to help. Classes were right on target with all the current issues in athletic training. I was able to make a seamless transition from Coe to my Graduate Assistantship at the University of Louisville, where I was subsequently hired as a full-time staff member. I would recommend Coe's Athletic Training program to anyone who wants personal attention and freedom to make decisions at the same time."

Curtis D. Self, MA, ATC (2000)
M.A. - Western Michigan University
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Creighton University

"Coe College and John Chandler (former Head Athletic Trainer and current Athletics Director) are the whole reason why I am an athletic trainer right now. I remember coming to Coe on my visit as a senior in high school and talking with John in his office. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to study and I was kind of leaning towards physical therapy. John introduced me to athletic training and everything that it involved. Over the years at Coe I fell in love with athletic training and the staff had such a passion for the profession that they passed it on to the students. It was a great experience! The best part was the small number of students in the program and the number of full-time athletic training staff. It allowed for great one on one contact and I can't say enough of what John and Coe College have given me."

Doug West, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS (1992)
Associate Director of Athletic Training/Assistant Professor
The University of Iowa

"Coe College was my foundation. I was taught that hard work does not make any guarantees for success, but without hard work you will not reach your potential. I was encouraged to try numerous tasks and do my best in all tasks undertaken. The breadth of experiences provided me exceptional perspective as an athletic training professional."

Julie Baclene, PT, ATC (1983)
BSP - Washington University
Physical Therapist/Associate Athletic Trainer, University of Notre Dame

"I was the second person that I know of to graduate from Coe and then to go on and become a certified athletic trainer. Coe offered me so much as a small school, but the best thing that it offered was OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity to see so much close up and perform hands on participation and care immediately in a variety of sports."

"I give all the credit to Coe, which help me lay the foundations of opportunity, exploration, and critical thinking. I am so impressed with how far the current program has come! I can truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication it took to make it the awesome program it is. I am very proud to be an alumnus and still display my Charlie Kohawk in a place of honor on my desk."