Students completing the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree at Coe College are subject to academic rules and policies published in the College Catalog. The Athletic Training Education Program has established additional retention standards that each student must meet in order to progress through the program and graduate. Failure to meet any of these standard will result in the student repeating the course work and/or probation for the following semester.

  • Students must maintain at least a 2.50 cum. GPA for the duration of the program.
  • Students must pass all the athletic training core courses with a "C" or better.
  • Accumulate at least the minimum number of supervised clinical experience hours required for each educational level.
    • Freshman, Spring ~ 60 total hours
    • Sophomore year ~ 280 hours
    • Junior year ~ 400 hours
    • Senior year ~ 400 hours
  • Maintain Code of Ethics consistent with the NATA and the Athletic Training Education Program.
  • Maintain current CPR and AED certification.
  • Receive "Acceptable" evaluations from clinical supervisor during each clinical assignment.

Academic Probation

Probation will not be extended beyond one semester unless circumstances deem it necessary. Students may remain in the academic course work but are restricted in their clinical experiences until their probationary status is removed. Failure to remove probationary status will result in dismissal from the Athletic Training Education Program following a review of the student's work by the Program Director. Academic probation will entail the following:

  • Monthly course progress reports from professors
  • Complete a study skills seminar
  • Scheduling of tutorial sessions