Evaluation Process

For every clinical experience the athletic training student (ATS) receives a clinical performance evaluation which is completed by their supervising clinical instructors. This evaluation measures the ATS's affective behaviors as well as the integration of clinical proficiencies into clinical experiences over time. Initial evaluations take place near the halfway point of all clinical experiences and provide the ATS with feedback regarding their clinical performance and proficiency integration. By conducting the initial evaluation in the clinical experience the ATS is provided an adequate amount of time to make any corrective changes that may be needed prior to the final evaluation.

At the conclusion of every clinical experience the supervising clinical instructor will then perform a final evaluation of the ATS's clinical performance and proficiency integration. The final evaluation is reviewed by the ATS and clinical instructor prior to being placed in their permanent file. In order to progress through the program and graduate the ATS must receive "acceptable" reviews by each of their clinical instructors, failure to do so will result in the ATS repeating the clinical experience(s).

Clinical Instructor Evaluation

At the completion of every clinical experience the ATS has the opportunity to evaluate the performance of their clinical instructor. The Program Director reviews each evaluation and, when needed, exacts appropriate changes to better serve the ATS. In addition to their clinical instructor's performance, the ATS is also given the responsibility to evaluate the overall clinical experience. This time the ATS is asked to evaluate the major strengths/weaknesses of their clinical experience and provide recommendations for improving the overall experience.