Athletic Participation

Many students who express an interest in the Athletic Training Education Program at Coe College are also interested in participating in intercollegiate athletics during their college careers. Indeed, many of the program's alumni have enjoyed successful athletic careers while at Coe College. Because the program has a significant clinical component that often requires the student's commitment during afternoons, evenings and on weekends, time conflicts between sport demands and clinical requirements can, and do exist.

The athletic training faculty/staff are committed to encouraging and assisting students to take full advantage of the opportunities available at Coe College. The faculty/staff are also dedicated to insuring that students graduate on time, fulfill all the requirements for the athletic training major, and have enough quality clinical experiences to enable them to become skilled allied health care professionals.

The following guidelines have been established for those students who gain admission to the Athletic Training Education Program and participate in intercollegiate athletics at Coe College:

  1. During the selection process the applicants will not be judged based on their intentions to participate in intercollegiate athletics.
  2. Students admitted to the program shall limit their participation to one intercollegiate athletic team.
  3. Athletic training students who are members of an intercollegiate athletic team shall only participate during their team's traditional season. Under no circumstances will the athletic training student be permitted to participate in the non-traditional season workouts that conflict with athletic training responsibilities.
  4. Athletic training students who participate in intercollegiate athletics must, like all students, fulfill the program's didactic and clinical requirements before they may graduate. All students should meet with the Program Director to establish a plan to graduate on time.
  5. All students are required to have at least one "equipment intensive" clinical experience. Athletic training students who are Fall sport athletes will be required to work around their athletic schedules or return for an additional semester in which they will be assigned an "equipment intensive" clinical experience.