Admission Process

Admission to the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) is restricted by an imposed student-to-clinical instructor ratio of 8:1; therefore all students must apply for formal admission. Competitive admission is based upon a student's academic abilities, personal qualities and characteristics, communication skills, knowledge of the profession and plans following graduation.

Application Process

The deadline for submitting/completing the athletic training application materials is October 15th. In order to be considered for admission students must complete the following minimum criteria:

  1. Complete ten (10) observation hours
  2. Submit an application packet
  3. Submit academic recommendation form
  4. Submit healthcare recommendation form
  5. Submit the technical standards form
  6. Submit a written essay
  7. Complete the entry examination
  8. Submit a copy of all certification cards (if applicable)
  9. Submit a copy of all college transcripts (if applicable)

Application Scoring

Following the submission of an application, the Selection Committee (consisting of athletic training faculty and staff) will review of each candidate's submitted materials. Each candidate's application material will be independently scored and objective points will be awarded by the Selection Committee. Each candidate's pre-interview scores will be based on the following components:

Components Pts. Possible
Academic ability (ACT Score) 36 pts.
Observation hours 10 pts.
Recommendations (average of the two) 20 pts.
Content of written essay 25 pts.
Entry examination 20 pts.
Total Pre-interview Points 111 pts.

Once scoring is completed the Selection Committee will rank the candidates based on overall score and conduct formal interviews with only the most qualified candidates. In order to be granted an interview, candidates must obtain at least 70% of the total pre-interview points.

Interview Process

All qualified candidates will be notified by the Selection Committee and asked to schedule a formal interview. Interviews will be conduct similarly to a professional job interview so it's in the candidate's best interest to present himself/herself in a professional manner as well as spend sufficient time preparing their thoughts and answers.

Interviews will last approximately twenty (20) minutes and each candidate will have the opportunity to answer questions, ask the Selection Committee questions, and make a final statement. At the completion of the interview each member of the Selection Committee will then objectively score the candidate based on his/her impression of the interview. The scores from the Selection Committee will then be averaged to determine the candidate's overall interview score. The overall interview score will then be added to the candidate's previous points total to determine their final ranking in the prospective class.

Component Pts. Possible
Total pre-interview points 111 pts.
Formal interview 75 pts.
Total application points 186 pts.

In order to be considered for admission, candidates must obtain at least 70% of the total application points.

Selection Process

Typically, the number of new students admitted to the program each year is 8-12; however this number will be dependent on: the number of graduating seniors, the number of available clinical experiences, and the supervision capabilities of the athletic training staff and clinical instructors. After reaching a clear consensus regarding the size of the entering class, the Selection Committee will then notify the most qualified candidates by mid-November (before Thanksgiving break) of their conditional admission to the Athletic Training Education Program.

Formal Admission

In order to be granted formal admission to the Athletic Training Education Program in January, the conditionally admitted candidates must meet the following additional criteria by the completion of the Fall term:

  1. Provide verification of a recent physical examination
  2. Provide verification of immunization history and Hepatitis B vaccination
  3. Possess a minimum of four (4) course credits or equivalent
  4. Possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50