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The Dows Fine Art Center houses state-of-the-art facilities for the wide range of courses offered by the department. In addition, we have two newly renovated art galleries for traveling exhibitions and senior gallery shows, four art galleries in the Stewart Memorial Library which display Coe's extensive Permanent Collection of Art, and private studio spaces for advanced students.

Our newest addition is a Student Gallery space in the Gage Memorial Union. This space gives students the opportunity to curate and present their own art exhibitions. All members of the Coe community are welcome to reserve the Student Gallery space to show their artwork.


  • There are two large painting studios in Dows - each with 25-foot-high ceilings and large windows for natural lighting
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  • Separate studios for life drawing, graphics, and design
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  • A 1000 sq. ft. studio space with 25-foot high ceilings
  • The necessary hand and power tools for working with a variety of materials
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  • A spacious, fully equipped studio, including separate areas for throwing and hand-building
  • Separate clay mixing and glaze formulation areas
  • A loft studio for advanced student work spaces
  • A humidity-controlled damp room
  • Four indoor electric kilns
  • A kiln yard which houses two large gas kilns, a small Wood-fire kiln and a raku kiln
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  • Group darkroom with Bessler 23CII enlargers for 35mm and 120mm formats
  • Color Processing for Type C printing
  • Advanced darkroom for 4x5 and large format printing
  • Flood and flash systems for studio lighting
  • Departmental cameras for advanced instruction include: Pentax 6x7, Omega View 4x5, Canon EOS, 20D Digital
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  • A studio fully equipped for intaglio, wood cut, stone and plate lithography, silkscreen, and monoprinting
  • Includes three presses and facilities for both hand and photo-mechanical processes
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Digital Art

  • The area of Digital Art provides a state-of-the-art computer lab including 15 MacPro workstations, as well as drawing tablets, flatbed scanners, color laser printer, and a 42" wide inkjet printer
  • Available software includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack, DVD Studio Pro, DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Flash and Maya
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Art History

  • Coe College is a charter member of ARTstor, the premier digital image library, with over a million images
  • A library collection of over 7,800 art and art history selections and periodicals

Additional Features

  • Two art galleries with museum-quality lighting and humidity controls for monthly traveling exhibitions and student shows
  • An extensive permanent collection of art consisting of over 500 works by nearly 300 artists, spanning several centuries and five continents
  • Private, lockable studio spaces for advanced students
  • A new student gallery, housed in the student union