Career Opportunities

Today’s employers seek individuals who can think creatively, research effectively, and develop innovative solutions for the new and difficult problems that constantly arise in contemporary life. Coe’s Art and Art History Department offers students the tools to become productive and creative citizens in this ever-changing world.

Each year the department’s Career Workshop introduces students to a variety of art-related careers.  From on-site visits to museums, graduate programs, galleries and architectural firms to hosting arts educators, curators, advertising executives, and community leaders, our workshop aims to jumpstart the connections every graduate needs to begin successful careers in the art, business or non-profit worlds.

Degrees in art or art history can open doors to careers in arts administration, museums, architecture, graphic design, advertising, public relations, teaching, art therapy, film and animation, and many other art-related enterprises. Our graduates also go on to successful careers at businesses and non-profits, using their visual literacy skills, research abilities, and creative problem solving. Our programs also prepare students for graduate work in studio art and art history.