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A Look at our Solar System: The Sun, the Planets and More

February 4, 11, 18, 25

Physics Professor Firdevs Duru will provide an overview of our solar system. Our sun, eight planets, five known dwarf planets, and all the other objects orbiting around the sun will be explored in the opening series of 2016.

The forum starts with a look at our space in the universe, giving examples to visualize the size of solar system objects. The notion of time is also presented. Then, a general overview of our solar system is provided. The physical processes that govern the solar system are also explained and stars are introduced.

The second session covers our three main celestial objects: the sun, the moon and Earth. The third lecture is about the three inner planets, and small solar system objects. The planetary data and main characteristics of Mercury, Venus and Mars will be explored. A special emphasis will be given to Mars and spacecraft missions to the red planet.

The series concludes with "Gas Giants and beyond" and will provide information about the four outer planets and trans-Neptunian objects.

Learn more information visit Cedar Amateur Astronomers.

Firdevs Duru
Firdevs Duru
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics

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