Calendar of Events

Throughout the semester, EcoHouse will be hosting forums and workshops. Forums will be roundtable discussions that focus on theoretical aspects of environmentalism, such as social justice and permaculture. Workshops will give participants practical skills for incorporating environmentalist ethics into daily life, such as how to can tomatoes and how to grow sprouts in the winter.

Summer 2009

  • Break ground on EcoHouse's rain garden (
  • Conduct an energy audit on the house to determine best way to reduce the house's carbon footprint
  • Install a bike rack

Fall 2009

  • The harvest! Canning, drying, freezing, the works.
  • Intern with Laura Krouse, owner of Abbe Hills Farms
  • Open EcoHouse for tours (FYS classes, community members, faculty, and staff)

Spring 2010

  • Planting season! TBD