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Campus Expansion Project

Project Background

Coe College has grown by more than 20% in full-time student enrollment over the past decade. The college has the highest number of students enrolled and in residence in its 156-year history.

Through strategic planning, it became evident to Coe leaders in the fall of 2005 that preparations should be made with the long-term goal of increasing the physical size of the campus. The resulting Campus Expansion Project was undertaken to accommodate comfortably the needs of the college at its current student population level and in anticipation of possible future needs.

In early 2006, Coe began to purchase houses between 14th Street NE and 15th Street NE along A Avenue NE, B Avenue NE, and C Avenue NE, adjacent to the campus. The college intends to purchase property gradually as it becomes available and as resources permit. Although plans have not been finalized, it is likely that the property will be eventually converted into green space for athletic fields along with some parking. Coe does not have a specific timetable for its development.

Resolution of the Board of Trustees of Coe College

Adopted May 19, 2007

"Coe College has no long-term plans to expand its campus beyond 15th Street NE. As an institution that has been part of the community for more than 150 years, it is difficult for the current Board of Trustees and college administration to predict what Coe might look like 150 years from now. However, Coe leaders believe that, when completed, the campus expansion project will accommodate the space requirements of the college for the foreseeable future."

As part of its Campus Expansion Project, Coe College has either acquired the following properties or property purchases are pending:

  • 212 14th Street NE
  • 216 14th Street NE
  • 222 14th Street NE
  • 322 14th Street NE
  • 117 15th Street NE
  • 119 15th Street NE
  • 211 15th Street NE
  • 215 15th Street NE
  • 219 15th Street NE
  • 301 15th Street NE
  • 313 15th Street NE
  • 325 15th Street NE
  • 327 15th Street NE
  • 1402 A Avenue NE
  • 1410 A Avenue NE
  • 1411 A Avenue NE
  • 1417 A Avenue NE
  • 1421 A Avenue NE
  • 1425 A Avenue NE
  • 1430 A Avenue NE
  • 1431 A Avenue NE
  • 1432 A Avenue NE
  • 1434 A Avenue NE
  • 1435 A Avenue NE
  • 1438 A Avenue NE
  • 1439 A Avenue NE
  • 1440 A Avenue NE
  • 1445 A Avenue NE
  • 1409 B Avenue NE
  • 1413 B Avenue NE
  • 1415 B Avenue NE
  • 1418 B Avenue NE
  • 1423 B Avenue NE
  • 1430 B Avenue NE
  • 1431 B Avenue NE
  • 1433 B Avenue NE
  • 1436 B Avenue NE
  • 1438 B Avenue NE
  • 1441 B Avenue NE
  • 1401 C Avenue NE
  • 1405 C Avenue NE
  • 1409 C Avenue NE
  • 1415 C Avenue NE
  • 1419 C Avenue NE
  • 1421 C Avenue NE
  • 1425 C Avenue NE
  • 1427 C Avenue NE
  • 1431 C Avenue NE
  • 1433 C Avenue NE
  • 1435 C Avenue NE

To view a map of the Campus Expansion Project, click here.